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Ethnic: Greek

Greece is a beautiful country, with a long history and a culture of good wines paired with good foods - in fact, the Greeks will rarely drink without eating. In the chill of winter, what better way to remember your summer Greece vacation (or to dream of a future holiday) than to drink a glass of Greek wine and eat authentic home-cooked Greek food? 

Greek appetizers often include hummus, tzatziki, grape leaves and fried squash. Pair these foods with a bright and zesty white wine like Athiri, which will bring out the acidity of the dressings and sauces. For sweeter appetizers, pair with a dry Debina or Savatiano that will balance the aftertaste.

When pairing your entrees, consider how heavy or light the sauce and sides are. For heavier dishes, pair with a medium-bodied red like Xinomavro. For lighter fare, match with a full-bodied, rich Agiorgitiko.

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