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Ethnic: French

​Perhaps no other world cuisine can benefit from food and wine pairing as much as French food. After all, the heart of French tradition is rooted in savoring the balance and flavors of the food, both as individual ingredients and complex dishes. A perfect wine pairing only serves to enhance the experience.

There have been countless books written by renowned experts about how to pair French food with wine, so suffice to say, one or two paragraphs here won't cut it. Our best advice is to experiement and discover new things you like! That said, here are a few traditional pairings:


Chardonnay with chicken, scallops, lobster, and brie;

Sauvignon Blanc with shrimp, acidic pork, oysters, and whitefish;

Pinot Noir with salmon, fatty fish, and duck;

Zinfandel or red/white Burgundy with turkey, pheasant, and quail;

Red Bordeaux with lamb;

Cabernet Sauvignon with beef, venison, and grilled meat

Beaujolais with traditional pork;

Burgundy with braised meat and game

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